World Class

World Class

World Class is a serise dedicated to the very best that the international hotel industry can offer.

When the richest people in the world are staying beneath your roof everything is possible and if Lady Pagett has two fresh-laid farm eggs sent daily by rail from her country estate to the Ritz at Green Park, the breakfast chef doesn’t bat an eyelid.

Absolute professionalism and unbridled luxury have their price of course. The cost of an overnight stay at the famous Cipriani Hotel in Venice would probably buy you a two-week luxury cruise in the Caribbean! So, we are talking seriously fine and seriously expensive hotels.

Whether large or discretely small, there are hotels in this world of ours with a quality far beyond the imagination or even belief of the average traveler. World Class’ reveals the reasons for their success and captures the very special ambiance that puts them, almost, beyond reach.

The programmes discover how such guests use their leisure time. Big game fishing perhaps, or polo, golf, or the casino.

Whether the hotel is in the city, in the depths of panoramic countryside or by the ocean, the series offers the classic guided our of what makes the very rich head for these ultra-exclusive holiday destinations.

Series 26 x 30minute programs, full HD.

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